[xj] Re: [pub] story

I headed home at 2:00 AM. I was
zooming along a dark New Hampshire (USA) road at about 85 mph (I say
about’ because that’s how high the old 85 max speedo could go.) I was
really enjoying myself going down the curvy road, I could feel the car as
it handled the road, I had my favorite music on the stereo blaring out
through the speakers and I had the road all to my self, no one else was
around to disturb my fun, heck it was after 2:00 AM. As I came up over a
small rise in the road the headlights blinked off … no highs… no
lows… nothing, Nada just deep … dark … empty
… space … the final frontier… no, no, no that’s another
story. So now untill a person experiences something like 85+ mph no
headlights on an unfamiliar, curvy, 2 lane country road in the dark on a
moonless night their complaints of the Prince don’t hit the mark. I don’t
recommend going through the ordeal unless you genuinly want to experience
the real fear’ the Prince Of Darkness can instill in ones psyche.

I’m glad you survived. I know of at least one who was zooming along on
dark, winding New Hampshire roads at night at around 85 mph and very nearly
did not survive. As far as I know, there was no malfunction of lights.