[xj] Re: Rear defroster

  1. My rear window defroster is malfunctioning. The dash indicator light
    goes on, and I can hear a click in the dash when I depress the switch. I
    have yet to examine the individual elements in the window for breaks, but
    recall that a single break in one or two elements did not stop the others
    from working on a BMW that I once owned. Would a bad relay still permit the
    dash switch and indicator light to work, and might the repair be that easy?

If the indicator light works then the control circuit is ok…including the
relay. The indicator lamp is simply a branch of the same wire which leads to
the rear window after the relay.

Using a test light or voltmeter, check for voltage at the white/black wire
at the rear window with the switch “on”. If no voltage then you have a
wiring or connector fault between the window and the relay. Incidentally,
according to the schematics the wiring color changes from white/black to
white/black/slate at connector C9 in the center console. The
white/black/slate wire leads to the relay.

Check the black wire at the rear wire is properly grounded. The ground point
is under the headliner, right side, apprx above the right rear “C” pillar

If you have good power and proper ground at the window but the defroster
still does not work then the fault must be the grid itself.

Hoping this helps, and happy holidays.

Doug Dwyer----- Original Message -----
From: “Lindemann, Michael” Michael.Lindemann@usdoj.gov

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