[xj] Re: slime in expansion tank

Speaking of hoses and fittings, I’ve dumped the two steel pipes over the fan
cover and have replaced all with high-quality hose. The result is 5 fewer
fittings. Any comments? I know I’m out of the concours circuit, of course.
Anyone can have the old pipes.

By the way, clean all fittings when removing hoses, and coat with a little
silicone grease to prevent corrosion due to moisture (not antifreeze) that can
work its way between hose and nipple.


“Sean T. McCormick” wrote:

I confirm, flush and clean. Go so far as pull the radiator and have it boiled.
This cost next to nothing and adds years to the system. It also forces you to
change belts and hoses. You won’t believe how many small hose- lines, their are,
both water and vacuum. Do it now. One blown $5.00 hose can cost you $5000. Once
done these cars will run for years of trouble free service.
All the Best