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Hi Christian -

Yes, the VDP does have the burl walnut trim. The straight grain wood on
other models is not walnut, but (I think) elm. Someone please correct me if
I am wrong [again :-)].

And it is true that there might be a mis-match, but I’d still rather have
the wood down there - even if slightly mis-matched - until such time as I
need to redo all the wood on the car - which at present is not at all

Has anyone successfully re-veneered the ski-slope as a DIY project? I’d be
willing to give it a try, having done some furniture restoration in my

If anyone has any pointers to share I’d be very appreciative…

85 VDP, Josephine, 68KDate: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 12:46:50 -0500
I learned a neat and important “trick” to veneering which may be of some
significant help. You see, when professional veneering is done on large
flat surfaces, it is glued and pressed with something like 350 pounds/sq
inch. This insures a solid bond. On “irregular” surfaces, such as the
ski-slope, a press will not do lest you wish to press the slope flat.

Instead, one should use a vacuum bag. You apply a fast-tack, slow dry glue
(contact cement for wood to metal), place it in the bag and crank up the
vacuum pump. The bag will act as a clamp over the enitre surface area of
the part. i imagine one of these could be made very easily, providing you
can get a vacuum pump on the cheap.

Hope this provides inspiration,

85 VDP which if I get running reliably might look nice with a wood slope,

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Subject: Re: [xj] wood around shifter?