[xj] Re: [XJ] strange and sporadic tapping at idle


I have a Sr 1 with stakedown kit fitted. I can agree with the good Doctor
that a shim is the most likely - after some use they can ‘cup’ and move
around. I have put up with this for some months with no harm done - although
the noise is driving me nuts.

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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 22:24:32 +1300
From: katrina duncan k.duncan@auckland.ac.nz
Subject: [xj] strange and sporadic tapping at idle

Hi, I’ve been reading the list for a while and have learn’t a lot. Last
year I bought a 1974 series two xj6 for NZ $500.00, it was a bit neglected
but scrubbed up o.k and has been a good daily runner.
I checked compression and oil pressure when I bought it, compression was
even across all six and the oil pressure was 40 pounds at idle. It runs
well , does nothing untoward, but has developed this strange and sporadic
tapping at idle.
Initially I thought it may have been a valve guide? come loose and took the
car down to the local jag mechanic, he pulled the cam covers off and rooted
around, couldn’t find anything untoward.
The noise went away completely for a while but has come back again, I took
it back to the garage and again they pulled the covers off and had a look,
still nothing indicating any movement and nothing showing signs of impact.
I am wondering what this strange noise can be, the motor will be smoothly
idling away and the tap will start tapping, it might tap once or it might
keep tapping until you increase revs. it seems to be quite random.
Does anybody have any idea what it could be, and whether or not the motor
will keep running like this, it certainly doesn’t seem to bother it at the

Thanks in advance


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