[xj] Re: [XJxj] Sheared anti-roll link?

The cupped surface that holds the bushing on the inner end of the link
had apparently broken free of its position and had pushed itself up the
link. I haven’t taken it off yet, but will this weekend. I suppose
this can be welded back in place.

Unless I’m mistaken, it was never welded on there; it’s
a separate part. It gets stuck on by rust! A new link
has the hexagonal centre section, a reducing shoulder,
a cylindrical section, another reducing shoulder, and
then the threaded end. You get two cup washers, one
with a large centre hole which fits against the first
shoulder, and one with a smaller hole which fits against
the second shoulder, so the rubber bushes get a fixed degree
of squashing when the nut’s tight. After the usual
corrosion, you can’t see the shoulders, and the cups
seize in place - time for a new link. I got mine from
one of the dealers at the UK Spares Day for something like
10 pounds sterling.

Paul Gover
1981 XJ6-III 4.2