[xj] Rear Transmission Mount Bushing

Hi All,

I have some questions about replacing the rear transmission mount
bushing/spool on my '87 SIII. First, I was told by a Jag mechanic that
it’s not necessary to support the transmission with a jack while doing
this. But the manual indicates some sort of support is necessary and it
appears that it would be necessary before removing the L-shaped bracket.

Also, the exploded parts diagram shows the bushing/spool above the
mounting plate (the rubber isolated one). But it looks like the bushing
goes below it, between the mounting plate and the L-shaped bracket. My
old bushing appears to be completely gone, so there’s no clue there.

So, can someone explain the steps to me?


Tom - '87 XJ6 SIII

I searched this and your topic came up. I am having to do this on my '73 SIII. Did anyone respond?