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The biggest advantage the typical lumped Jaguar has
over the stock V-12 is not the engine but the
transmission. Having owned 350 powered Chevrolets I
will attest that there is nothing magical about the
SBC. Despite being over one half liter bigger than the
V-12 it does not,in stock form, make any more power.
While it is true that it is capable of making enormous
amounts of power, witness NASCAR engines, the cost can
be quite high and the drivability will suffer. Bradley
is able to get plenty of power out of his modified
V-12 and I understand it has excellent drivability.
The 0-60 time so important to many is greatly improved
by changing transmissions. The 700R4 using available
change-over kits yields a reduction in weight, an
overall higher highway top gear, but more importantly
a much lower first. How much lower? Using published
figures, the 700R4 in front of the stock 2.88 rear
axle yields an over-all gear ratio lower than the
TH400 with a 3.54.=====
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In reply to a message from tom wilson sent Wed 16 Jul 2003:

Interesting figures, Tom. I’ll have to look in the Book to see if
that tranny swap is covered. Do you have first-hand knowledge of
the results, or know someone who has done this with an XJ-S?

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