XJ-S 5.3 convertible and fuel tank

Hi, wondering is someone can help with the following, I had to remove the fuel tank of my 1990 5.3 convertible because of a fuel leak, as such we need/will replace some of the parts. Wondering if someone could tell me where to source them from, parts are:

  1. The filler O-ring, part CAC7509
  2. The filler gaiter, part CBC2887
  3. The strap retaining the controller anti skid, part DAC4653
  4. Under the fuel tank ther is a big rubber, is that original? It became completely hard with the time and the fuel that leaked on it. Part number??

Thank you.

You can buy suitable rubber to go under the tank at a store that stocks industrial rubber products. You know that tank is a tight fit so choose the rubber thickness carefully.
Make sure there are no items in the sheetmetal of the car that will rub holes in your tank.

Thank you Richard, will try to get the tickness of the old one to buy the new one.

Did you try your local Jaguar dealership for those parts?
I got the gaiter, o-ring and some hoses from our local Jaguar dealership when I did similar work on my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible about 10 years ago due to fuel smells the in trunk. The tank did not leak and was in great shape, as was the rubber mat which I reused. The fuel smell in the trunk was eliminated after I replaced all the fuel hoses.
I couldn’t find that strap so I used a random nylon or rubber strap that I had around the house.


Hi Paul,

I am able to source both the gaiter and o-ring, but just as you no straps available.
I will replace the rubber mat by a new one as the current one got very hard.
For info also, my tank has really a leak, the day before we moved the car, 3 places were leaking
fuel when looking under the car and within two days a recipient did collect liters of fuel from one of the places.
Thanks for your advises as usual :slight_smile: