[xj-s] ABS accumulator ball- GM vs. Jag part

So I made it to the GM dealer today to check out the
accumulator. I brought along an extra one I had from
another ABS setup (I bought a load of spare parts
-pump, actuator, switch, etc.,. a while back to have).
The GM part is identical to the Jag- virtually every
marking on the 2 parts (and there were about 4-5
different number sequences) are the same, including a
pressure rating- 210 Bar. I also checked the threads-
they are the same, and the GM part also has the same
hex drive in the top. It does have a spiffy yellow
warning label on it (in yellow) that’s different, but
who cares. So I guess we can use it. the parts guy was
amazed it was a crossover… So are you going to try

The GM part number is 25528382- Jag part number is JLM


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