[xj-s] AC, Delanair MK III Photos / lower servo fix

The lower blend flap is somewhat erratic in action. Usually
when in full heating mode the lower outlet does let some
cold air slip by, which can be felt with the duct removed.
Now and then there is nearly all hot. So I believe the lower
flap doesn’t close out the cold air fully, i.e. the flap
does not travel fully home in the hot position. Is the servo
situated between the ECU and the AC unit? If so I assume I
have to remove the ECU, how? And how to remove / reinstall
the servo? Anybody have photos of these items and the unit
with ECU / servo removed?

As an alternative, how to remove / reinstall the
potentiometer on the LH side?–
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Info received off list, all is well. In particular
skjagtech.co.uk was useful.–
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