[xj-s] Advise for Prospective owner and Unleaded Query

Hi from a first time subscriber and mail on this list.

I have looked at the archives and cannot find any info, so
maybe you can help.

I am in the very first stages of finding out about the
XJ-S with a view to replacing my tired and worn out Stag
before it requires major renovation.

I am quite happy to undertake any mechanical work to keep
a car on the road, but the body work etc I would rather
restrict to my wife’s distributed TR3A. I basically
want I a good car to depend on for the occasional weekend

So knowing nothing really about the Jag except that they
seem incredibly good value at the moment at least for the
initial purchase here in the UK I am trying to find
out a bit more before jumping in, so:

Is there a web resourse where I can get some overview of the
XJ-S range from 1975? including info on engines and car
specifications etc ? Help me make my decision on the
age and engine of the car.

Next I know on the situation with Stag there is a tremendous
ammount of discussion about the year 2000 regulation for
unleaded petrol only here in the UK. What is the situation
with the Jag engines ?

Many thanks

David John Allinson tel: +44 1753 566 734
Product Manager ext: 13734
Sun Microsystems TPG email: david.allinson@uk.sun.com