[xj-s] AIR FILTER DANGERS - was Throttle Hanging Filter Placment

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actually gave AJ6 a call on an ECU question and they warned me that if I
had the bodies and not their filter housing I should be careful that the
butterfly would clear the filter.
Shortly after that someone on here had their throttle hang and the filter
was again mentioned. With all that in mind when I took mine down to put on
the new bodies I was watching closely. I intended to make a guard as
suggested. What I found shocked the crap out of me.

I have been warning about this for years. It is a potentially serious
problem and we have been putting guard pieces in our filter housings to
prevent it happening since the mid-1980s when we first appreciated the
danger. The factory filter has the spit back plate so cannot foul a
standard throttle, however it could just catch on our large throttles if
the guard piece that we add was not there. There is always some degree of
risk with any non-standard filter without the spit back plate even when
used with standard sized throttles, and as K & Ns have been known to break
up they are particularly risky in the V12 even though they have adequate
clearance when normally installed.

I consider this to be much more of a danger to V12 owners than a “Marelli

Roger Bywater.
AJ6 Engineering.