[xj-s] Air pump on XJS-C 3.6

I recently noticed an atrocious piece of engineering on my '86 XJS-C 3.6
when the water pump started leeking at the gasket. On investigation , I
found that there is an air pump attached, by a crudely-welded bracket, to
the water pump. The bracket is held on by two of the bolts that hold the
halves of the water pump together. However the length of the two bolts had
not been increased to allow for the thickness of the bracket, so they only
entered about a quarter inch into their threaded holes. As a consequence
both bolts had stripped the threads in the water pump casting (hence the
leek). Please tell me that this was not a Jaguar design, but was botched
together my the grey market importer that brought the car to the USA. Either
way, I cannot see that the air pump contributes anything to the running of
the engine, so I have left it off, with no apparent ill effect. Fortunately
we do not have emissions tests in Texas.
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