[xj-s] Air Temp Sensor = No Start?

Hi again. I think I’m homing in on my cold start problem (in other words,
now the car doesn’t start at all - ouch). But before I tear apart more
stuff under the hood, I’d appreciate a definitive reply on this:

If the air horn temperature sensor (1985 XJS HE Federal spec) wiring has
a break in it, will the car go into a no-start mode? I’ve received
conflicting advice on this. Could someone with a near-alike car try
pulling their air sensor plug and see if their car still starts okay?

Many thanks and Happy Holidays!

Kevin Darling

PS. I’m also creating some Web pages with diagrams to put on my own site
once I get this all straightened out!

PPS. Is it just me, or does it seem poor design that the Throttle Position
Indicator shares wiring with the air/water temp sensors? If you get a
failed short circuited sensor who knows what the TPI might read.