[xj-s] Alarm set off due to lock/arm pin shear. Need reset procedure

I locked and armed my car, with the key. I return to
parking lot and upon inserting the key the locks don’t pop.
Nothing I do will open the locks. A locksmith comes 2 hours
later and pops the locks in 10 seconds by pulling
the lock knob up from inside with grabber tool. Alarms wail
away but I cannot disarm with key in door lock like usual.
Try the ignition, nothing. Removed the battery cable and
silence. Had the car towed home and open door panel and
found the plastic pin had sheared from arming lever at the
tumber. Okay!!! found the cause and fixed it. Reassembled
door, connect cables alarms begin, I shut trunk and key open
the drivers door, does not disarm. No start, just alarm.
Left battery off with car locked all night, connected in
morning, goes right back to it. Removed ECU unit behind
fuel filler tube, connected battery, no alarm. No start, no
nothing… Connected ECU began blaZING and honking away. I
tried keying the disarm 5 times, ignition 5 times inside
central lock button 5 times, 3 times, ???xxxtimes till cops
were actually called by own neighbor. How can I reset this
without too much more excitement, ohhh… 200 for
‘‘locksmith’’ and 100 for tow,i
and 35 for taxi home, please no more!!!I am missing work
and illeagle parked out front of home cuz tow plopped it
wherever he felt easiest I know someone has set their system
off and didn’t do the correct thing the first time, so c’mon
tell me what to do!–
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