[xj-s] At long last an engine

A member of the local Jag club advertised XJ-S parts for sale.

I asked about a front cross member to replace the one on the
convertible with a big ding on the under side.

Out of curiosity I asked if he had a V12 engine, and the answer was yes.
It was hauled back to my factory last weekend.
The engine is from a 1988 car which had a front end collision. The
fan is mangled, and a couple of front end brackets knocked about. No
problem since when fitted to the convertible it will be done with
electric fan and coolant pump.

The engine is filthy, doubtful it ever got cleaned after it left Browns Lane.
The only good thing about the oily filth is that it helped protect the
engine to some extent when it was out in the open for a while.
I could not live with a car having that dirt on it. Apart from
appearance, it is not good when changing plugs which is always tricky
on the V12. You really want no chance of a dose of dirt joining the
new plugs you put into the heads

Well now, it would be good to replace the tensioner. I made a couple
of dozen steel based ones about 15 years ago. One was used in
rebuilding the HE engine for the coupe, and the rest were sold to
members and a local parts shop.
Wish I had kept a couple back. Not sure I want the hassle of making any more.

No rush in fixing up this engine, the convertible V12 is still strong
at 130,000KM.

Richard Dowling, Melbourne, Australia. 1979 coupe + HE V12 + manual;
1989 convertible; 2003 XJ350.

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