[xj-s] Blower problem with Delanair III

Hi All,

I have posted this question earlier, and was discussing
off-line with George Balthrop, but still face the problem:

My blowers are blowing air, independent from the coolant
temperature, i.e. when starting from cold, the blowers start
blowing (cold) air into the cabin although the temperature
nob is set to ‘‘warm’’ (75 degrees or similar). No change
noticed in any knob position (manual, different temperatures

I have checked the Coolant Temperature switch, which did not
work (open contact). Then I shorted the two leads connected
to the switch and immediately the blower stopped. So I
determined that the switch must be in ‘‘closed’’ position when
cold (defeating blowers) and open when the coolant reaches a
certain temperature.
I ordered a new switch from Jaguar ($45!!!), but surprise,
surprise this switch is normally open and closes with
I checked the switch type and found it identical to the old
one (’‘Type 261’’ on switch housing), although the housing is
red, the old one black.
Then I googled ‘‘ELTH’’ as the manufacturer of the switch and
found, that

a) switches with the type ‘‘261’’ are manufactured for
different temperatures
b) some models with ‘‘Normally open’’, some with ‘‘Normally closed’’
c) the ‘‘normally open’’ models seems to have a red housing,
the others a black housing.
I also found that these switches are sold via a Distributor
to the automotive industry, and only in bulk.

As my A/C system works fine otherwise, I have to conclude
that the switch is indeed the culprit and that the original
switch was of the ‘‘Normally closed’’ version.

Can someone confirm this and/or does someone know where to
get a replacement switch?

Many Thanks
1990 coupe–
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