[xj-s] Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild and the Next 1000 MIles

Hi All,
After noticing that the brake pedal would slowly bleed down when holding
it at stoplights, I concluded it was time to rebuild the brake master
cylinder. I ordered a service kit from XKs Unlimited (NAYYY) and it arrived
the day prior to a planned trip from my home in Carson City, Nevada to Las
All went well with the R and R, but I was disturbed to find that the
Secondary Piston had space for only one seal, whereas the kit included two,
and the ROM shows two. I wonder if it is an OEM master cylinder, or has been
replaced by a PO. In any event, after reassembly and much brake fluid
bleeding the brakes are nice and firm with no bleed-down.
Off in the wee hours of the next day to Vegas, I was able to maintain
good speed and averaged 77 mph for the 460 miles with a consumption of 18.4
mpg. After a couple of days of sight seeing . . . the incredible
casino/hotels and the even more incredible Hoover Dam, I returned home on a
pitch black night on virtually deserted highways. Total for the trip was
1127 miles with an average of 65.5 mph and 17 mpg.
These are indeed Grand Touring cars and a pleasure to drive at speed.

Dave Osborne
88 H&E XJ-S (PURR)
Carson City, Nevada
Pics at http://www.jag-lovers.org/v.htm?1060536194

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