[xj-s] Car on offer / Fuel Injecton Service Port

Thanks, all, for the warm welcome.

I’m in South Carolina, so that would be $7k US.

I was pretty astounded to see mechanical/vacuum advance on the car (Lucas
CEI), and had to already repair both.

In my other vehicles (86 Trans Am & 90 Ford Bronco II) I would always clean
the fuel injectors prior to changing the oil – I noticed that there is no
service port in the fuel rail.

A trip to the boneyard is in order to procure an aluminum A/C pipe with the
required schrader fitting. I plan to install it inline with the rubber hose
just prior to the pressure regulator.

Question: I have seen that in the archives several people talked about
adding just such a setup? Can anyone report success with this mod?

Thanx in advance,

–Dan Sprague

Current: 89 Jaguar XJSC
Former: 80 Jaguar XJ12 (RHD)