[xj-s] "Confession" Do not screw up like I did!

OK the Painful Truth…

I inquired in here awhile back about a screeching sound I
thought was the transmission when I accelerated hard. So I
just stopped accelerating hard. A few months later the fan
belt shreds and I replace it and notice the fan clutch is
frozen and needs to be replaced. but I figure it will just
run cool and I will get around to it in a few weeks. after
a few weeks When I get up to speed there is a vibration and
I think I’ll get around to fixing the clutch but I usually
just drive at 40 back and forth around town anyway.

A few more weeks go by and I’m not thinking too much about
the car. I drive about 50 miles away on business and the
vibration now that I am doing 80 is very noticeable. I
drive 49 1/2 miles back and I’m at a red light with an
older 911 next to me revving it’s 130 HP or something like
that so I’m game and we’re off. about 100 yards down the
road BAM ! the fan breaks into bits and radiator is
leaking etc. I limp home. New radiator, new fan &
clutch. $800 later all for a $50 fan clutch that warned me
with the screech and broken belt and vibration. She was
telling me but I didn’t listen.

So while the radiator was being re-cored I put on new
belts, new hoses and chanced the FI Hoses that I was saying
I would get around to doing,3 years ago.

Really stupid of me to procrastinate like that.

87’ VDP (black), 86’ XJ-SC (grey), 88’ XJS sport convert
Fort Lauderdale, United States
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