[xj-s] De-trimming for paint, was "The word is VOILA"

Maybe a joke, but I find myself saying it a lot these days while prepping my
XJ-S (to be clear on content) for painting. It’s the easiest part removal
I’ve ever done on this thing and I’ve finally solved the non-functional,
rear driver side courtesy light problem I was having. The harness was
dropped down in the body during a headliner replacement so the terminals I
was checking for voltage were unplugged further down the line.

-Amen to the power thing.

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It was a joke plain and simple. I sure know what it means as well a
show to spell it.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” - Guess we have
all seen this before huh?
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Funny, isn’t it? I’ve seen it spelt and pronounced “Wallah”, “Whalah”,
“Vala” and “Viola”, even “Gwala” - but 18 years in the USA and you are
the first one I’ve come across who knows what it is!


Gary wrote:

Just thought Jack and Lance might be interested.