[xj-s] engine won't fire up

hello everyone.

since my last post/issue re the left bypass hose leaking coolant
and a failed attempt to replace it (i threw my back out doing
it) my 1986 xjs has been sitting in the garage waiting to be
resurrected. well today is that day. I thought.
prior issue (replace all cooling hoses) still pending to be
addressed I am now dealing with a new problem: it will not
start up.
and again I must ask for help.
any suggestions are much appreciated.

thank all.–
miami, florida, United States
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In reply to a message from stepspan sent Mon 19 Aug 2013:

since I have not gotten any responses to my post yet I spent
quite some hours browsing thru the archives to find possible
i came across several threads from geogre balthrop that
seemed to address similar issues.
here a quote addressing fuel flow/pump:

‘‘Get/fabricate an alligator clip jumper which you can apply to
pin 85 (Orange wire) of the fuel pump relay. Remove the right
trim pad where the black plastic bubble covers the Fuel Pump
(Black base) and the Main Relay (Red base).
Remove the Fuel Pump relay from its Black base, noting which
pin is
labeled 85 (number on underside of relay, and confirming that
inserts into the base socket where the Orange wire is located.
must make SURE that you do NOT contact any other relay pin
or wire in
the base with the ground jumper, or you will create a short and
hazard (the other wires/pins are HOT/12V+.
Reinsert the Fuel Pump Relay about halfway into its Black base,
so that
the relay pins are making contact with the sockets, but about
half the
length of the pins is still showing. Carefully connect one end of
jumper to pin 85 of the relay, making sure you do NOT contact
any other
pin with the jumper clip, and then connect the other end of
the jumper
to a good ground.
Now turn the key to position 2/run, and you should hear the
fuel pump
run as long as the key is in that position…’’.

i followed these instructions and did learn that the fuel pump
did not function.
but before removing and ordering a replacement I thought to
give it a good tap with the handle of my screwdriver…and
there it was ‘hummingly’ pumping.
disconnected the alligator jumper and turned the key… we’re
now running again.

thanks to gearge balthrop once again.

tomorrow I will attempt to replace the ‘infamous bypass hose’. I
could use some good advice there.

miami, florida, United States
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