[xj-s] FF14 temperature sensor?

My 1991 XJS 4 litre (AJ6) has a problem. She starts perfectly and
drives perfectly. But when warmed up, after perhaps 10mins, if I
accelerate suddenly, she doesn’t ‘catch’ - not sure if a misfire is
accurate but basically nothing happens - at least for a few
seconds. FF14 is the message I get.

Wondering if it was a misfire I replaced the distriutor and rotay
arm but the prolem is still there. The chap who’s done some great
work on her seems to think (on an email correspondence only) it is
one of the temperature sensors. I am a little confused by this.
My understanding is on the 4litre AJ6 engine, there is a
temperature sensor for the coolant, but the air intake is measured
by a small wire. I have noticed that in the receipts, supplied by
the previous owner, that there were problems with this in the
past. So for now, I am assuming this is the problem - but I have
no idea what needs to be done or what needs to be replaced. Help!
I have to admit the car almost certainly needs a new air filter but
I’m assuming this couldn’t be the cause of the problems.

Don’t know if this could be related, but sometimes the car is quite
smelly when I stop - a kind of eggy catalytic converter smell. The
cats are undoubtedly broken and a new decat exhaust system is
needed at some point but this is obviously bigger expense. Just
thought I’d mention it in case it could all be linked.

Many thanks,

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