[xj-s] Fwd: XJ-40 steering rack

I know this does not belong here, however I am hoping someone on
the XJ-S discussion group can help this person. Her email to me is
attached below. She sent me some photographs which I have put on my
website at


Please reply to her directly with any help or suggestions.



My name is Galina Petrova, I live on the other part of the planet
(Mariupol, Ukraine) and I dare to write you, because first of all I am
fan of Jaguars XJ and have some problem with my car.

I have got your name from the Internet, reading your page about
upgrading of the Steering rack of your Jaguar.

I have some problem with the steering rack on my Jaguar XJ-40 (1987),
because just cound not find some advices to fix it in our wild country.
My steering rack is leaking. I have got one kit - Jlm10838, but it was
not suitable for all the rack repairing.

Practically I need only 3 little stuffing rings, that are situated on the
steering rack (see my pict. 16). And there is one more part inside,
that don’t let the steering wheel to make a clearance. Usually they
are delivered in every repairing kits for other cars (Mercedes, Audi
etc. But, they are absent in the kit Jlm10838. Please, advice me, how
to find possibility to fix the rack and how to find the bushes, because
I have got only negative answers from diffirent companies. Maybe you
can recommend some specialist to advice.
Hope for your answer,
Best regards,
Galina Petrova,
Mariupol. Ukraine

Jaguar-Sovereign, XJ-40 (1987)
The number of chassis: SAJJHALH4AA516306
The number of engine: 9DPA118093

Steering rack is:
PART N GBE 33500 00
SERIAL N 7-E-2235

The manual said “Windows XP or better” so I bought a Macintosh


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At 22:03 2003-07-27 -0400, Bernard Embden wrote:

I know this does not belong here, however I am hoping someone on the XJ-S
discussion group can help this person.

You might be surprised to learn that Jag-Lovers has lists for EVERY model
of Jaguar - including one specifically for the XJ40. Perhaps the best
thing you can do for this person is direct them to that list (and the
Jag-Lovers sub-site associated with it), rather than dropping their other
model inquiry on the XJ-S list?

It’s also MUCH preferred to direct someone to post their own inquiry to a
list, rather than to do it for them, since doing it for them republishes
their email in a forum which they might, for whatever reason, not want it
published in.—
Sean Straw Admin of the Jag-Lovers XJ-S list
Marin County, California

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