[xj-s] Interior Lighting-Cabiolet -- Spelling Corrected

Gary & Randi SF Bay Area (east bay) @Gary_Plotner or garyplotner@aol.com 1988 XJ-SC (#4669) 62k almost 63k

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Sounds a lot like my car.

The left and right das mounted lights come on together when door is opened, acting as interior
lights. I believe the rear interior lights also come on. One of the
dash switches will turn on only the right dash light in view of a passenger/navigator
needing to read a map without disturbing the driver. The top center light should come on
when tilted either forward or aft, off in the center.

So the only abnormality I see is the dome light not coming on in one of the two on positions.
Pop it put (carefully!) and clean the contacts. These things break easily, so be careful.

Ed Sowell
76 XJ-S

Gary Plotner wrote:


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