[xj-s] IRS Lessons Learned -- Exhaust Pipe Removal

I don’t even know if this is common knowledge, but I discovered that
it is possible to remove the exhaust pipes with the IRS in place.
Not even difficult, in fact – but I suspect it does require the car
being positioned a minimum distance off the ground, otherwise there
won’t be enough room for maneuvering. After disconnecting the pipes
at both the triangular pivot joint just ahead of the IRS and at the
front of the rear muffler, each pipe can be finagled out rearward.
The secret is to make sure the triangular plate from the pivot joint
is not jammed on the joint but rather is loose and jingly, and then
feed it through the subframe BEFORE trying to get the rest of the
pipe through.

– Kirbert | Palm’s Postulate:
| If anything is to be accomplished,
| some rules must be broken.
| – Kirby Palm, 1979