XJ-S Lynx Eventer

Lynx Eventer, thought you guys may be interested in this…


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Aha! Lynx Eventer. Lynx E-v-e-n-t-e-r. Sound almost like Batmobile, or Jeremy Hunt. Thought other guys may be interested in this:
Apparently - and as per statement of retired worker of Leamington Spa’s Parkside Garage - Malcolm Sayer, minutes before his fatal heart attack - was approached by a man from Lynx coachbuilders with the prospects of building fantastic bred van on the chassis of the XJS that he was about to finish (Leyland again, coincidence?). Really twisted novel, with positive emotions, VW Polo and the sheep. Before I’ve managed to discover the existence of Lynx, I was thinking that the idea of designing over-2-tonne coupe as a successor of E-Type was slightly suicidal. After I saw the XJS Eventer for the first time – I felt in love with original construction and strongly wanted to know something about Lynx’s parents (brother and sister). I must admit, this type of construction solves the problem of fuel smell in the boot. Once and forever.
Truly magnificent demand for Jaguar Lynx version – managed to achieve 2-digit figure in sales between 1982 – 2002. Probably due to unheard fame of British Leyland, incest being less and less popular – project was closed. Truly sad as everyone was willing to see the camper van version and Robin-like three-wheeler tax saver.

An XJS station wagon??? No thanks … :face_vomiting: Bad enough when I see Jag today putting out an “SUV” … :-1:

Not a station wagon. A “shooting brake”.

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