[xj-s] Mechanical Fan Replacement on 4.0 liter

(bob seabold) #1

Hello list,

I have followed various discussions on list regarding replacing
mechanical radiator fans with electric ones for reliability and
horsepower reasons. All of these discussions have been 12 cylinder-
centric, however. Does anyone know whether the same benefits are
applicable to the 6 cylinder models? Any discussion of fan models
and suppliers, shroud considerations, pulley and belt
considerations, and horsepower improvement would be appreciated.

Bob Seabold – 93 XJS 4.0 coupe, 110K
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(Veekay) #2

I thought I would rescussitate this thread. I have a 9t XJS with the 4.0

My banged up car has a broken mechanical fan and shroud. While I’m still searching for a radiator, I thought I would consider switching the mechanical fan for an electric one.

Has anyone on these forums ever done that to a non-12 cylinder car? All posts seem to address the changeover in a v12 engine bay.

Thought it could be less expensive by avoiding the purchase of a used shroud and fan. The original 22 year old clutch is still good, but if I have the radiator out, now is probably the easiest Time to replace that part. Won’t ever get any easier and after 22 years, that clutch is going to fail sooner or later?

A new OEM fan, no clutch, no shroud is over $150GBP from JDHT!!!


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #3

My lump enjoys E fans. I, delighted with them…


(Veekay) #4

Did you ditch the shroud and hang the puller fan directly to the radiator?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #5

No. The pair that my son found on line included a neat shroud and a means to mount it. I fabricated
a strap with studs to suspend it, And a pair down under at the valence. Again, studs and Nyloks.


(Veekay) #6

Any other advice on an electric fan conversion for the 4.0 engine?

I suppose I can buy a new aftermarket fan for $100 and reuse the clutch…but…


There was a vendor selling a dual-electric fan (over-and-under configuration, IIRC) with its own shroud on Ebay recently which claimed to have fitment for a 4.0 XJS. I wrote the vendor about it, as I was curious about maybe switching Superblue to that set up, since her auxiliary fan is kaput anyway. I asked him if he was sure it would work as a direct replacement to fit into the space occupied by the OEM auxiliary fan, but he never responded. The ad did give the overall dimensions of the set up, though, so I guess anyone interested could take measurements of the aux. fan area and compare them with his set up to see if it would fit. :pensive:

(Veekay) #8

SNG sells an aftermarket fan for $65.

Sold. Guess I’m not converting to electric after all.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #9

Aftermarket? As in, designed to fit the Jaguar but not made by Jaguar?

(Veekay) #10

Yes. The OEM fan, without the clutch is about $250. I bought body panels for less than that!