Some months ago various members gave me some very helpful advise on solving
my memory seat problem.

Since I laid my car up for the winter I have checked the seat, dismantled
and cleaned the potentiometer. I also repaired the potentiometer slip
clutch, the only apparent defect.
On reassembly the voltage climbs from 0 at max rearwards travel to 3.25 at
max forward. The battery voltage is 11.87.

When any of the memory functions on the door are depressed the module gives
a corresponding “click”. All the seat functions work fine, although the
memory mirrors do not work either.

I have tried another module (unproven), but the memory function still does
not work.

Has anybody any suggestions for further checks or ideas?

Stumped in Canada.
Rowen Baker
1995 XJS V12._________________________________________________________________
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