[xj-s] Missing rear shock sleeve!

Hello everyone, its a lovely sunny Sunday here in PA.

So I decided to tackle replacing the shocks and the rubber mounts
on my 93 Convertable. After reading the posts here and Kirby’s book
I set about dissassembly. I tackled the front first, thinking that
it would take a while and I would tackle the rear next week.

To my surprise the front was easy. I replaced the shocks and the
front and rear subframe mounts in less than an hour, so full of
newly found mechanical bravado I set about the rear end.

I was ready to face the reportedly daunting task of struggling with
the rear radius arm bushings, but after a few spins of an impact
wrench - both of the big bushes were free of the body. The rest of
the dissassembly went equally easily.

However, when all the shocks were removed I discovered that one of
them did not have a sleeve in the top fitting! At first I thought
that maybe I had dropped it and searched my work area very
thoroughly. I them took a flashlight and closely inspected the top
shock mounts to find that I had not lost the sleeve. Some PO or his
mechanic had fitted one of the shocks without a sleeve.

So to cut a long story short - Anyone know where I can get a sleeve
for the top of the rear shock?

I have searched online parts lists and cannot find it anywhere.
It’s a simple sleeve so maybe one of you has lost one and found an
alternative part for it.

Meanwhile, I cannot reassemble the car anyway as I have to find
someone with a press the fit the new radius arm bushings.

I look forward to hearing from you.–
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In reply to a message from Vindi sent Sun 7 May 2006:

Sorry to that you are missing one of the shock liner bushings.
You will be able to find some at the NAPA stores take the old ones
with you.
When you replace the composite rubber/metal bushings if not done
properly damage can be done to the swing arm the small bushing is
no problem to remove and replace but the larger one needs a support
cup to support the arm when pressing out the old one.
I have done this for a few XJS friends becuse I have access to a
machine shop.
It is important to Note that the molded rubber have indents that
need to be lined up correctly when installing the new ones.
Incidentally dont be surprised if it sometimes takes between 5 to
10 tons to get the old ones out.
You can help the process by spraying penetrating fluid around the
rubber to steel this will greatly assist the removal of the large
diameter rubber/steel bushings.
Do not forget to wire the head of the bolts when re-installing/

Brian Scouse Lyons
1988 xjs mint condition
1984 xjs in process of restoring.–
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