[xj-s] Motion Detector

Dear Jag-Lovers,
The motion detector in the Marksman Alarm
(probably a dealer install?) is overly sensitive
and will set of the alarm just from the vibration
from a passing truck. Any way to tone down
the sensitivity on motion detector? This is
on 1990 XJ-S convertible, US model. Any
suggestions will be gratefully accepted!
Paul Hanson
out in AZ
1990 XJ-S “MS PEEL”
1980 XJ6 “MR STEED”

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In reply to a message from Paul C. Hanson sent Sun 3 Apr 2005:

If the sensor is a mercury type switch the only thing I can suggest
is to make sure its well balanced. If the attitude (front or rear
of the vehicle is higher or lower than stock) of your car differs
from when the switch was installed it may be too close to
activation when sitting still.

If its the older type of switch, which is a spring type arm between
two contacts, there is usually an adjustment screw on the top of
the box that the sensor is contained in.

If all else fails consider parking your car somewhere else. Your
alarm may not be too sensitive and is telling you that its not a
safe place to park.

Good luck and thanks for posting your question.

Happy Jaguar’ing

Doug Franklin, Owner
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Indianapolis, IN, United States
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