[xj-s] New to forum - possible purchase of '90 XJS

I’m new to the forum and currently on a 2004 x-type.
I talked with a friend of mine today and his father has an
XJS that they might be about to sell. I was wondering what I
should look for in terms of maintenance if I purchase this
car. My understanding is that with XJSes, it’s a love/hate
relationship :wink:

Anyway, I’ve known the owner for 30 years and know he has
taken good care of the car. What should I expect in terms of
keeping it running? Will it run me a car payment each month
to keep it up?

Thanks for any info.–
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In reply to a message from SteveWonders sent Thu 2 Jan 2014:

There are a number of things to do I wish someone would make a list
for 1st time buyers with items and part numbers so you could just
click it. I will add a few that I would do and others will chime

Before you buy any V12 borrow an inferred Temp. or similar
thermometer. Get the car up to normal running temp by taking it
for a spin. Let the car idle and check that each exhaust temp. is
almost the same. If one side is more than a few degrees cooler
(usually B bank) than the other I would suspect a leaky head gasket
and this is something to avoid. I would also pull the plugs to see
how everything is firing. Oily plugs is another bad sign.

#1 replace fuel injector hoses

#2 Replace Rack bushings with poly…

#3 replace aux fan switch with lower temp. unit. I live in FL
I also like the lower temp thermostats (but that is controversial
in here.

#4 Clean and flush radiator, also new hoses and belts. Look for
debris in radiator fins etc.

I’ll let others add to the list. #1 is a must… #2 you will have
to do eventually.–
87’ VDP (black), 86’ XJ-SC (grey), 88’ XJS sport convert
Fort Lauderdale, United States
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