[xj-s] Next On List-Steering Rack Bushings

My XJS is still running excellent! I cant believe how smooth this
engine is.

Yesterday going home, I got behind a slow-poke that was riding his
brake. I wasn’t in a hurry, but he was getting on my nerves so
first opportunity I had to pass him, I eased to the left lane & put
the pedal to the metal. Wholly Cow! This thing will fly!

I soon realized that 95 mph is too fast with stock steering

When I attempted to steer right, back into the right lane, the
steering wheel turned, but the car didn’t! Then I over steered a
little & almost got sideways!

Needless to say, this morning I went straight to the shop & told my
mechanic to order the parts, as per ‘‘The Book’’.

I hope this will fix the steering…or I will have to carry extra
underwear in the car with me.–
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