[xj-s] Now: Headliner; Was: Salvaging Cracked Veneer In An XJS

I mentioned planning a write up on how I refinished the cracked dash in my
XJS. Well, I’ve finally done it. Here’s the website:

Good job on the site, Paul. Very logical, informative presentation.
Too late for me, I’m afraid. Recently installed new wood obtained from
Paul’s Jaguar and it looks showroom- just like yours.
I’m very much interested in your ultrasuede headliner project. I assume you
have the coupe, but I’m wondering if it could work on my convertible. I have
a roll of about 20 feet X 4 feet wide from a 20 year old abandoned project.
It’s very flexible and wears like iron, but it’s a little thick (1/16"?) for
a machine to stitch. Not sure. But they made sports jackets out of it, back
in the 70’s.
Keep us posted on you site updates.
Good luck,
Jay Gilmour
'85 XJ6 vdp US; '91 XJ-S cv US
Mercer Island, WA, USA

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