[xj-s] Odometer and trip meter stopped working. Speedometer/Tack OK

I have a 93 XJS. Today I noticed when the odometer turned
80,000 miles the odometer and trip meter both stopped
working. The speedometer and tachomter are working fine.
What do you think is wrong? How do I fix the odometer and
trip meter?–
John Elliott
Houston, TX, United States
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My 1994 XJS convertible has a non-operative odometer and trip gauge. The car is fitted with a trip computer and it is fully functional. Since the instrument gauges, including the speedometer are electronic is seems to me that the odometer, trip gauge and the trip computer are all sourced from the same electronic signal and therefore the odometer/trip gauge malfunction is mechanical - i.e. bad gear or shaft within the mechanism. Before tearing in to the instrument cluster, I’d appreciate comments about my assumption about a common electrical signal and the conclusion that the malfunction is mechanical. I’ve tried replacing the Speed Interface Module, but that did not solve the problem. Could it be as simple as a poor contact with the plastic printed circuit board in the instrument cluster?

Are the odometer and trip odo mechanical things on this car, or had Jaguar switched to digital displays by then?

If mechanical, I’m betting the problem is mechanical. The various wheels got stuck.

The housing for the gauge package says “Delco Electronics, England”. The speedometer and RPM gauge are the conventional needle type but they run off an electronic signal, not a mechanical connection to the the engine/automatic transmission. The odometer and trip gauge, similarly, work off an electronic signal which advanced the mileage numbers. The reason I suspect a mechanical problem with the odometers is that the trip computer is full functional and I suspect it work off the same signal as the trip computer. I hope that helps to clarify the problem.