[xj-s] Orange Coolant, Dex-cool, Long-Life

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The Popular Mechanics site has this posted on there…

"Now let’s look at “retrofit” and “drain and fill” and explain what you can
and can’t do safely, and a bit of why. If a vehicle has a copper-and-brass
radiator, forget a retrofit, says General Motors, because the org anic acid
(orange) antifreeze may not provide adequate protection for the lead solder
in that radiator. The Chrysler orange hybrid combination of silicates and
organic acids is meant to provide special protection for the water pump.
Sorry, you can buy it only at a Chrysler-brand dealer.

Prestone believes you can retrofit to its organic acid orange almost any
vehicle with an aluminum radiator and cooling system that has been
well-maintained and is in good condition, if you do it right. H owever, the
antifreeze maker recognizes the possibility of a problem with Dodge truck
5.9-liter V8 water pumps, for which green or yellow/gold U.S. antifreeze is
recommended�if you don’t get Chrysler’s specific orange."

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