[xj-s] Perspective on changing the water pump

The dealer just replaced my water pump (I don’t have a garage right now) and
did NOT remove the radiator or the hood. They charged me US$101 for a
rebuilt pump. They also recommended replacing the belts as long as they are
all off.

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Not true…
I changed the water pump on my 88 XJS a couple of years ago. 1st of all,
don’t need to take the bonnet off in order to get the radiator
out…Second, you don’t need to take the radiator out to get the water
pump off…The fiddley part is getting the fan out of the way. Once the
fan is out, then the water pump can be removed easily…
I got a reconditioned water pump from my local dealer and the price was
under $150 US.

I agree with Craig about replacing those other small hoses. I didn’t at
time, but did several months later and it wasn’t fun…

Matt Dillon
88 XJ-S Silver Birch with Wires

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That is not too far out. You need to pull the bonnet and rad to get the
pump out. I think you maight be able to lift the aircon condensor and
drier up and rest it on the engine without having to discharge and
refill it. There are theories that you can wangle the pump out without
doing that, though, although it probably involves training in yoga.