[xj-s] Please, help w/passenger airbag & airbag door in '94

Hi, I’ve asked before for help but never gotten any response, and the only
online information I’ve found refers to the whole dash being removed first
(as part of another project). So I’ve really not been able to get any
simpler information on removing the passenger airbag and getting the airbag
door opened (where the glove box is in the earlier models) without having to
either discharge the airbag or remove the whole dash. The bracket that arms
the bag is removed, but the bag itself is still firmly in place and even
looking up from the bottom I can’t see any latches or releases to open the
airbag door. Slipping L-shaped brackets behind the door and tugging forward
also didn’t have any effect… I’m almost to the point of giving up on
offering the dashboard wood strips as a complete set and just using a small
saw to cut through the door and all (not into the charge at the back, just
the wood metal and plastic of the door itself), or asking one of the men in
the complex to just brute force the door open with a slide hammer or

But I would prefer to do it myself so if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to
hear them…