[xj-s] R-134A Schrader Valve Size

Turns out the 95 R134a high pressure Schrader valve is not the normal size. I bought the $4 tool at Autozone and found it wouldn’t fit in the hole to even touch the valve stem let alone remove it.

The possible sizes are Standard, JRA, Eaton, and “GM large bore” . Anyone know what it is?

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Turns out you cannot replace just the valve stem on this car. You replace the entire port. Amazingly, Autozone had it in stock for $3.99 … Part number MT0105-1

The port has eight flats and is too big for 16mm, and too small for 17mm. No standard size fits either. Tried to use a pair of grips but I was afraid I’d strip it after trying… So I bought special eight sided port socket Mastercool item 98234 which worked perfectly. Amazon had it here almost instantly.

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Thank you for leaving this post here. Very helpful, even after all of these years!

Do you recall if the low side was the same?

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no, the “high” side port is bigger than the “low” port

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Is it something I’ll be able to replace with something at the local Advance Auto?

Apparently I already went through this previously. On the one hand, I’m glad I saved it here, on the other hand, I’m mad that I didn’t bother to look for it…