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I’m in the process of changing around my interior a bit on my '85 and
while disconnecting the factory radio (I assume it is a factory
version… PN: 106050 with a Jaguar sticker on it) and noticed something
rather odd.
The sticker on the bottom of it that has the wiring for the connector as

1 - Brown
2 - White / Brown
3 - Red
4 - White / Red
5 - Orange
6 - White / Orange
7 - Green
8 - White / Green
9 - none
After a closer look, my connector was actually wired as follows:

1 - White / Red
2 - White / Orange
3 - none
4 - Brown
5 - Green
6 - White / Brown
7 - Orange
8 - White / Green
9 - Red

Was anyone else's wired this way?  I'm trying to figure out when I

replace the radio if I should wire it as the sticker says, or if I should
wire it like it was before (basically upside down). The other connector
is wired to match the sticker. When I bought the car the faceplate was
missing, so I have no idea if it worked in the first place anyway.


Ryan Kyle
'85 XJ-S HE________________________________________________________________
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(Don Kleppinger) #2

Old post but in case anyone is looking for the pinout description and connectors. It’s for sale here