[xj-s] re:1994 xjs air cond intermittent brief start and stops

Scott wrote.

<The air condition on my 1994 xjs 4.0 6 cyls engages about every 6
seconds and then immediately stops. My wife suggested the car is
possesed and this is breathing from the other side. However,
discounting the supernatural explanation, I removed the fuse for
the air conditioner and the problem was not present. I know it is
related to the air cond control unit, but I am not sure of the next
step to take. I am counting on someone else seeing this before.



Scott same thing has happened to mine (this thread was Electrical Gremlins
at one time). Pull the AC clutch relay and check if its working (in the
“book”) Then clean the contacts, if this doesn’t stop it a call to your
local dealer will tell you that the high speed relay is shot. Then prepare
yourself for cardiac arrest. It requires the removal of both blowers to
replace the relays. I have found that solution 1 seems to work even if you
need to do it once in a while.
I have traced the diagrams on this many times, and the car, have found no
diodes that would prevent feedback to this relay.(A/C Clutch). Service tech
says this is a common problem with this system along with servo motors for
air direction.

Good luck

94 xjs conv.

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