[xj-s] Re: Body Work

Off I went today to get an estimate on fixing my mangled front bumper
and dented fender, caused by someone backing up a delivery truck while
my car was parked minding its own business last week.

Estimate: $3400 including $980 for the bumper and $740 for chrome and
$500 for the black rubber covers…

Holy cow! (Which is what the other driver’s insurance agent said.) So,
they’re going to send their appraiser out for a look.

Don’t let the appraiser try to foist off used parts in lieu or new or tell
you to take the car to a body shop not of your choice.

At US $3,400 you are getting close to the wholesale book value of the car.
You may have to settle for used parts to get them to agree to fix it, rather
than total it.

And, if you are painting the car, paint the whole car, otherwise the new
paint will fade differently than the old paint. I have been quoted US
$4,000 - $5,000 for a good paint job, so, if this is a high quality shop,
their offers sounds great.

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