[xj-s] RE: Chrome Wheel Arches

I have not posted for a while but I thought that the person who was asking
about chrome wheel arches might like to know that I installed a set of these
that I purchased from a source in the back of Road & Track magazine.

I have a '79 with a deep black / clear coat finish and I think that the look
is terrific. I saw a black XJS in Seattle and knew that the look was what I
was looking for.

On the installation issues: It was readily obvious that without the proper
installation technique these additions might lead to problems down the road.
So, I carefully applied a bead of silicone on the inside edges and in the
holes drilled for the sheet metal screws.

After about a year one of my shirts showed up one day dented and I was able
to buy one replacement from the same source. When I removed the damaged
unit I noticed no appreciable degradation in the paint and the silicone
seemed to have kept the water out. If the person who started this thread
would like a picture of the finished car I would be happy to provide a .jpeg

Keith Morris
Seattle, WA