[xj-s] re: exhaust crossover

At 09:06 pm 10/02/99 -0600, michael bucklew wrote:

a crossover
pipe is a good idea to put in. it equlizes pressure on both sides. where
to install? feel the pipes when running and where they are cool to
touch, put in crossover. it comes in just about the rear of the tranny
near the rear mount.

Mike Morrin wrote:

I thought that the crossover should go as near the engine as possible,
because thats where the exhaust pulses get most benefitrfrom the alternate

On the V12 e-type, the factory put the crossover between the bellhousing
and the transmission pan.

Michael Bucklew,

I’ve built a few custom stainless exhaust systems when I worked in a fab
shop and I was taught to place the crossover where the downpipes just
changed color. This is fine if you have new pipe to work with. If you
can’t see a color change, feel for the transition point where the pipe burns
the crap out of you and where it becomes just ‘pretty hot’. Just past this
point is where the crossover goes. 99.9% of the time this would end up
being somewhere around the bellhousing area.

Mike Morrin’s observation on the e-type crossover sounds like the right

Dennis Kindig
87 XJ6
Atlanta, Georgia