[xj-s] Re: Junkyard Thieves

I have spent quite a bit of time on both sides of the counter at junkyards
(as an owner and a customer). IMHO, the degree to which people steal from
you has a lot to do with how you treat them. (Make them feel like you are
stealing from them [money, time, dignity, whatever] and they will steal back
from you.)

Some ways to encourage customer thievery:

  1. Be nasty to everyone.
  2. Refuse to get off your ass to accomodate a request for any part worth
    less than $25.
  3. Charge a minimum of $25 for any part.
  4. Charge an “admission fee”.
  5. Charge an “environmental surcharge”.
  6. Set up a price list for items, and then tell customers that the price is
    the same, even if there are parts missing from the unit (because they have
    been previously sold.)
  7. Charge a “core charge” on everything, not just things that get rebuilt.
    Make the core charge high enough to be annoying, but not high enough to be
    worth the time and fuel to redeem it.

Having said all that, the statement “if you don’t like it, don’t buy there”,
is irrefutable. Stealing is still stealing. Of course, there are those who
would say that cheating on your taxes is stealing also. It takes all kinds
to make a horse race.