[xj-s] Re: Pulling to the right after brake job

Kevin Tierney wrote:

After I installed new discs, pads and seals and repacked the
bearings, the car drifts to the right, at any speed. I thought
it might be a stuck caliper piston but the is no evidence of
excessive brake dust and no smell of burning brake pads. When
the brakes are applied the car stays straight. After putting
the wheels back on I noticed that the right side of the car is �
inch higher then the left side. Could it be possible that the
cars alignment was effected by jacking it up and lowering it? Any
suggestions? Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you are saying that the car pulls to the right without regard
to whether or not the brakes are applied, not that it pulls only when
braking. If so:

In order to remove the front calipers, you must remove an arm that connects
to the tie rods. There are shims between this arm and that caliper that
drop out when you remove the caliper. If you do not replace them in the
correct position and quantity, you will change the toe in / toe out
adjustment of the front end. This could be the source of your pull.

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