[xj-s] Re: Who wrote the book?

OK, folks, let’s calm down here.

WHO wrote the book? Every one whose advice and experience appears in the book. That’s many, many people who agree as often as they disagree.

Everyone who owns an XJ-S owes Kirby a debt of gratitude for compiling the book, but he’s the editor, not the author. Take this blinding flash of the obvious as a reminder that we’re all mortal.

Compilation of the book, while a momentous accomplishment, does not convey infallability on the editor. As a physicist, I find myself most uncomfortable when Kirby wades off into areas in which he knows much less than he thinks he does. Nonetheless, he has no less right than any of us to do so.

Thanks for the catalysis of debate that you provide, Kirby, but please remember there are a lot of bright folks out here whose knowledge and opinions have equal value and validity. Regardless of the fact that I disagree with you much of the time and could prove my position using first principles any time I choose to do so, my XJ-S is a better vehicle for your efforts with the book, and I thank you.

Let’s be civil out there…

Best Regards,
Mark Johnson
'83 HE coupe