[xj-s] Re: XJ-S Digest V3 #361

I hope I’m asking this question in the correct protocol.

Starter motor/solenoid? intermittent failure over 18months of grief.

1986 XJS V12 coupe, no winter salt , 61,000 kms. Every couple of months for the past
18 months the starter would refuse to function. I rep[laced the Bosch relay ( RHS near
firewall)which was faulty and the I had most of the summer trouble free.Now it appears
that the solenoid is moving ie the relay switches the solenoid it clicks but does not
engage the armature. Is there another relay or switch I havent found OR do I face the
prospect of changing the starter motor. If so how big a problem is changing the
starter, my Haynes manual indicates I need to take the steering column out?

God bless Lucas.–
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