[xj-s] Re: XJ-S Wiper motor

I had exactly the same problem with my cat, the wipers would stop halfway
through their sweep and then reluctantly start again some seconds later.
After some weeks of ignoring the problem it started happening on the normal
speed mode, to cure the problem I would switch to the fast speed mode for a
few minutes (this apparently works on a third brush??) and then switch back
to the normal speed. This worked for a few weeks untill the problem migrated
to the fast speed as well. With no wipers at all I took the cat to a local
auto electrical shop. It turned out that the plastic cover protecting the
motor was in pieces and the motor was full of 16 years of muck and water.
The motor was removed, cleaned, refurbished and refitted �50UK problem
I don’t know if this helps but your problem sounded familiar.

Dave 86 5.3HE